Michael Shmilov


Michael Shmilov has been a key member of the Viber Management team working alongside Talmon Marco and the other co-founders of Viber Media since the launch of the company in December 2010. As Chief Operating Officer, Michael is responsible for the operational running of the fast-moving business. Viber has gained more than 517 million users since its launch. In his previous role as Viber’s Head of Product, Michael was responsible for the long-term vision of the Viber platform, product planning, design, and management of the product team. Prior to Viber, Michael was Product Manager for iMesh, one of the world’s first peer-to-peer file sharing services. During his 11 years of product management experience, Michael’s love of design strategy and user experience drove him to establish a number of ventures including a web design and development studio, and ‘UX Storytelling’, a hub designed for the UX and product management community to share stories and ideas.