Peter Halacsy


Peter Halacsy is the co-founder and technology leader of Prezi. As an executive manager and co-founder of Prezi, HP believes that organizations should be designed parallel with product, and that super-agile organizations are decentralized and aligned to a higher purpose. A manager’s job is to distribute information and push decision making down the tree of command–making themselves more irrelevant. For that we have to change how people think and act within an organisation and make everybody a leader.

HP also co-founded several social organizations. Bridge Budapest aims at boosting the startup community as well as shaping the IT scene in Hungary by showcasing great examples for building global, successful companies. The Hero’s Square initiative strives to eliminate indifference in Hungary by encouraging everyone to stand up and act for others every day. Last but not least, HP co-founded We Are Open, with the goal of improving diversity in the Hungarian workplace, something that was severely lacking but is now beginning to change with over 800 companies signed up and committed to the cause.